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‘Early 30’s. Stuck in my job. Lost my love for Marketing’

Apr 11, 2024
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Today I’m going to be analysing the situation of someone who recently reached out to me, interested in joining my Creative Career Level Up Programme.

She’s in her early 30’s, has been working in Performance and Growth marketing for 10 years, but has recently felt ‘stuck in her career.

What's the challenge?

When we spoke, she was really struggling.  She’s stopped learning in her role and the idea of working in Growth Marketing for the rest of her career was keeping her awake at night.

She told me she wanted to quit marketing all together.

Here’s what we discussed and some of the options available to her.

How did she get here?

Firstly, let’s look at how she got here.

When she graduated 10 years ago, Growth Marketing was on the rise. There were so many roles in this area.

She was actually looking for something more creative but struggled with securing a role, so fell into Growth Marketing ‘by accident’.

Fast forward 10 years and the lack of creativity is killing her.

How she can move forward?

The good thing is she doesn’t have to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’… that is, she can stay in Marketing but eliminate the stuff she doesn’t like.

She told me she loves the insights and the consumer focus of her role, but she hates the data and the analysis.

She also works in FMCG, which doesn’t excite her at all.

My thoughts

  • It sounds like she needs to change industries. She told me she has a passion for sport, beauty and fashion. I would target an industry she is passionate about.
  • Typically these industries pay less than FMCG but she told me the salary isn’t the big factor in her decision. She just wants something she loves.

Option 1

  • She could go for a pure Growth Marketing role but in an industry she loves. I think the change of industry would have a MASSIVE impact, even if the role was the same.
  • Once in a new industry, she could pivot to another role that is more creative - brand marketing perhaps.

Option 2

  • She could stay in FMCG - she works for a big global company - but work with a mentor internally to change her role and move into something more creative. Often when you are internal, you get opportunities that wouldn’t be available externally
  • Once the move has been made, learn the new skills in the more creative role AND then make the industry move a year later with 12 months experience.

I work with clients everyday to overcome challenges just like this one.  I want to help you get into a job you love, where waking up on a Monday Morning feels exciting.

If you would like my help with securing your next perfect role, the Creative Career Level Up might be the right solution for you.

I help people in the Marketing and Creative and Tech Industries to find their next perfect role. 

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