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We have a mini-course for every job-hunting challenge. 

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No one teaches you the skills needed to identify and secure your next perfect role. It’s just expected that we know how to do this...

If you are wondering...

- How do you even know what your next perfect role is?

- How do you build a network to support you?

- Do I need a plan? How do I write one?

- How do I write an application that stands out?

- What do you mean I should be pitching myself?

Then rest assured, our mini-courses we have got you covered.

You can select the mini-course that best suits your biggest challenge or you can purchase all five courses for our discounted rate and really take your job-hunting game to the next level.

🔓 Unlock all Mini-Courses for just £599→
↓ Or explore the mini-courses below

Secure your next perfect role today!

My thoroughly tested, extensively researched, step-by-step courses make it easy to secure your next perfect role in Marketing and the Creative and Tech industries

Total Clarity

How to get 100% crystal clear on what you need from your next perfect role

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Network Builder

How to 10X your network and secure your next perfect role 

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Strategy Focus

How to write a focused strategy for your job hunt to secure your next perfect role

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Application Booster

How to write applications that stand-out and convert to interviews for your next perfect role

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Pitch + Position

How to pitch and position yourself as the 'must hire' for your next perfect role in any company 

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🔓 Unlock all Mini-Courses for just £599→