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How to 10X your network and secure your next perfect role in Marketing and the Creative and Tech Industries


Are you struggling to build your network?

Meeting lots of people but unable to maintain relationships?

Have lots of people in your network but no one who would help you find a job?

If yes, then this course is for you. This is the EXACT process I went through back in 2014 to go from a tiny network of mainly ex-colleagues to contacts at Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, ASOS, Burberry, Amazon and Topshop who all made introductions that secured interviews and ultimately a job at Apple!

It all starts with building a network of people who you can pick up the phone to and know they will be there to help you secure that next perfect role.

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The Art of Networking

  • Why networking is so important and the massive impact it can have on your career
  • Misconceptions - what Networking IS and what it ISN’T
  • The mindset of a kick-ass networker
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The Network Accelerator

  • The best digital tool for tracking your networking
  • The 5-step process that will 10X your network - without cold calling or having a big network already
  • The MAGIC phrase that will unlock meetings with people that you never thought possible
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Nurturing your Network

  • Why you must nurture your network - and why its easier to do than you think
  • The 3 I’s - and why they are crucial for nurturing your network
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Building your Power Team

  • What is a Power Team and why do you need one?
  • How to build one
  • How to nurture one
  • And how to use it to secure your next perfect role
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Digital Tracking Tools

  • Why tracking your network is crucial
  • The two FREE digital tools you need for effective networking
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"Steph’s programme gave me the confidence & skills to continue to meet 40+ people in the gaming / tech industry in Canada & the UK, interview at some of the biggest tech & gaming companies in the world including EA Games and finally land an AWESOME role at Shopify in Canada"


Duncan Robertson

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  • The 3 I’s
  • Power Team Building
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