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How to write a focused strategy for your job hunt to secure your next perfect role in Marketing and the Creative and Tech Industries


Do you feel like you are job-hunting but with no structure or focus?

Are you feeling overwhelmed when you get on Linkedin to job-hunt?

Feel like you get lost online when applying for jobs?

If yes, then this course is for you. This is the EXACT process I went through back in 2014 to go from confused and unsureΒ to focused on tech and ultimately securing a job at Apple.

It all starts with building a plan for your job-hunt that gives you clear strategies and focus, so that you create high-quality applications and reduce the chance of job-hunt burnout.

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Getting Boosted

  • Why you absolutely need a plan and a strategy if you want to secure your next perfect role
  • The TWO simple ways to get to your strategy
  • The Creative Career Plan - what it is and how we build it
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Talking To People

  • Exactly who you should be talking to when building your strategy
  • How to use Linkedin to get introductions to people you don’t know (without going cold)
  • Exactly what to ask and how to ask it (including scripts!)
  • The fool-proof way to get calls in the diary
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Online Research

  • Where to find all the information you need to write your Creative Career Plan
  • The most powerful digital tools to help you uncover this information
  • How to use those tools to deeply understand where you want to go next in your career
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Higher Purpose

  • What is Higher Purpose and why do we need to know it?
  • Where to find a companies Higher Purpose
  • How to use it to write your Creative Career Plan
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Let’s Talk Salary

  • Why it’s ok to talk about salary
  • Understanding Creative Career salaries - the good and the bad!
  • Where to find the most up-to-date information about salary
  • How much consideration should you give salary in your career decision making?
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Creative Career Strategy Builder

  • Why a clear strategy will be the roadmap to your success
  • How to build your strategy from scratch
  • Example of winning strategies used by my clients
  • Defining the right role and how it fits into your overall plan
  • Defining potential Dream Companies and why you don’t have to know exactly who you want to work for
  • Prioritising the options - why focus is key!
πŸ”“ Unlock Lifetime Access to Strategy Focus For your $99 β†’

"Not only did it give me perspective on what I wanted from my career, but sitting down and thinking about what I wanted my life to look life gave me the confidence to make big changes - even before I left my toxic role! I've now found my dream job and couldn't be happier."


Harriet Collins

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  • Exact process for Talking to People
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  • Exact Strategies for your job-hunt
  • Writing your Creative Career Plan

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