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Get 100% Crystal Clear On What You Need From Your Next Perfect Role In Marketing And The Creative And Tech Industries


Are you lost in your career and not sure what your next move should be?

Do you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward?

Do you struggle to understand yourself and what motivates you?  

If yes, then this course is for you. This is the EXACT process I went through back in 2014 to go from unemployed and wanting to quit Marketing forever to working for Apple and tripling my salary. It all starts with getting crystal clear on what your next move should be.

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  • The Campaign Analogy and what this means for your Total Clarity journey
  • Learn how to create a Total Clarity filter so you can access all opportunities that come your way
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The Four Pillars of Success

  • What are the four key ingredients that need to be in place for you to succeed
  • What property investing taught me about the Four Pillars of Success
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The Personality Profile

  • Understanding who you are so you can understand what you need
  • Take the Personality Test to better understand who you are
  • How to analyse those results to understand what you need in your next role
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The Values Explorer

  • Understand your values and their impact on your career
  • Getting to your 6 Core Values and understanding their vital importance in decision making
  • Complete the Values Explorer Exercise
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The Peak Performance Profile

  • How to understand which environments allow you to operate at your Peak Performance
  • Complete the Peak Performance Profile to get clear on EXACTLY what environment you need in your next perfect role
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Dream Big

  • How to get clear and focused on EXACTLY what your Dream Job looks like
  • The ONE magic tool you need to keep focused as you move through your job hunt
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"Working with Steph has been one of the best things I could have done for myself. Steph has provided me with great advice and helped me identify my most important values in life and career and go after what fits them most"


Markella Geronti

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  • 2 hours content, 4 hours work
  • 6 actionable modules
  • Total Clarity Filter creation
  • Personality Profile
  • Values Explorer
  • Peak Performance Profile
  • Dream Job Statement

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