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My client thought she needed a job....what she really needed was clarity.

Mar 22, 2024
Photo by Eepeng Cheong on Unsplash

We all have a friend who has their career mapped out. 

They know exactly the next move they want to make, where they’ll be in 5 years and what date they want to retire.

Perfectly mapped out.

Here’s the thing. Those friends are either faking it or they are in the very very small minority.

Hopefully this makes you feel better but... the majority of people have no idea where they want to go next with their career.

I find this to be especially true of people mid-career. 

Mid-career is a funny time. 

You’ve got loads of experience behind you which feels amazing.

But for the first time, you can see the ‘top of the ladder’. 

That is to say, when you are in your 20’s, every move you make should be a move up. Of course, because you are starting at the bottom.

As you reach your mid-30’s and 40’s, there are less ‘upward moves to make’. Senior leadership teams do not have enough room for everyone, nor does everyone aspire to be at that level.

And so suddenly you have a new challenge. Where do I go next?

If it’s not UP, then where? 


Out of the workforce to take care of other priorities? 

A complete career change?

Starting a business?


It’s daunting. And so many people are facing this right now.

My client was facing the same thing.

In her early 40’s, having had a very successful career in CPG, she was uncertain where she wanted to go next.

When we started working together, she told me she needed a new job.

But what I soon realised is that ‘needing a new job’ was jumping to the solution first.

We shouldn’t just jump to the solution.

We needed to go on a journey to work out what it REALLY was that she needed.

What she really needed was clarity on her situation.

My client was so engaged in the first phase of working together - the Reflect phase. 

This is the phase of my Creative Career Level Up Programme where we reflect on who you are and what it is you need from this next stage of your career.

We look at your values, your motivations, the stage of life you are at.

And we bring it all together to create clarity around what the next stage of your career should be.

That’s what my client was really looking for. Total Clarity on how to move forward.

And once she had it, moving to the next stage of her career was so much easier.

It wasn’t about the job. It was about knowing what the right next move was for her.

If you’d like to hear directly from my client, we recorded a 10min chat about her experience here.

If you would like to get Total Clarity yourself, you should check out my mini course which helps you to do this here.

But if you are looking to make BIG moves in your career, the Creative Career Level Up programme might be the right solution for you.

I help people in the Marketing and Creative and Tech Industries to find their next perfect role. 

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