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This is the worst behaviour I’ve seen in job hunting... Here’s the advice I gave my client.

Apr 04, 2024
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My client is without doubt one of the most talented candidates I’ve worked with.

Her resume is a beautiful mix of big brands, niche companies, deep cultural and consumer understanding and incredible creative work.

So when we started working together, I was confident she would find an amazing job!

She told me big global tech was where she wanted to be. So we set to work.

The Rollercoaster

Very early on, she was interviewing with one of the worlds biggest tech companies (lets call them Company A)

She got to the final stage. It was all going so well. Until they put the role on hold.

We moved on.

She had more success. With another of the world's biggest tech companies (lets call them Company B).

Again, she got to final stages, only for the role to be ‘put on hold’.

But great news, a week later Company A called her up. 

A new role had come up and they asked her to interview.

They took her to final stages… but she missed out to someone with more industry experience.

Then Company B came back. Great news! The role was no longer on hold.

And, as she had already got through the early rounds, she was being fast tracked in the process.

Then the madness started. 


After being told she was ‘the best candidate’, she was ghosted.

Initially they said they were working through an offer.

But then there was nothing.

My client heard from HR who said things were moving behind the scenes.

Still nothing came.

The Confession

Eventually the HR lady confessed something she clearly was not supposed to confess.

She told my client that while she was the best candidate, they didn't want to make an offer just yet until 'they were sure there weren’t any better candidates'.

But, as my client was actually very impressive as a candidate for the role, they didn't want to lose her either.

So they asked HR to ‘keep her hanging on.’

My advice 

We discussed this situation at length - weekly! 

When I work with clients we are in very regular contact.

In the end, we decided it was better to move forward and leave this one - even if there was a slight chance Company B might still make an offer.

As ‘luck’ would have it, one of the world biggest and coolest beauty brands rang her up a few weeks later. 

She is now in a Head Of role at this company - leading all of Europe.

Plus her salary increased by 50% versus what she was previously earning.

Things do work out in the end.

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