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Two amazing job offers? Here’s what to do…

May 30, 2024
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My client was unemployed and deep in the job hunt. After 4 months of dedication and hard work, she got a job offer!

And it was a GREAT one; massive salary increase, experience in a new area of Marketing and a boss she had great rapport with.

Given her 4 months of unemployment, she was excited to accept the role.

But there was a problem. 

Whilst she was excited about finally getting an offer… She was also interviewing for another role. And this role was her DREAM job.

When we first met she had named three companies she would die to work for. And the interview process she was still in… was with one of these companies.

A common problem

You won’t be surprised to hear but this is a pretty common issue in job hunting. The various processes you will be involved in, will not start and end perfectly at the same time. 

There will always be one ahead of the other. 

And typically, there is always one you want more than the other.

So, what should you do in a situation like this?

How to move forward…

What you choose to do in a situation like this really comes down to your experience in your career so far. 

If you have been working long enough to have seen lay-offs, you are probably more inclined to take care of yourself first. Going through lay-offs is a brutal reminder of how fragile job security is. 

If you are new to work and have not yet seen how easily lay-offs can happen, you might take a more sympathetic view of leaving a company high and dry after accepting their offer.

You have to do what you feel comfortable with. 

But it always pays to remember…

This is your career. You are the Aaster of your own ship. There is no one else coming to craft and shape your career for you. It’s all on YOU.

And in situations like this, I think it’s important to acknowledge: there is very little loyalty in corporate businesses. 

If they need to let you go, they will (I know this better than anyone having been laid off twice and fired twice). 

So, how much weight should you give to declining an offer, after accepting it, because you got offered your Dream Job?

Having lost my job four times…. I know my answer.

As for my client…

She kept interviewing with the other company, even after she had started at her new job. 4 weeks into her new role, she received an offer for her dream job.

What she did next was super smart and I suggest you also do this if you find yourself in this situation. 

She reached out to her Power Team (network of closest colleagues and advisers) to ask for their help. She also discussed it with me.

And after getting the advice of these people, she rejected her DREAM JOB!!!

Turns out, most people in her Power Team felt the first role was better for her long term career and after all their advice, my client agreed.

The great thing is, because she stayed interviewing and never pulled out of the process, she was able to secure the offer for her dream job and then make a decision that was right for her. 

And now she never has to wonder what might have been!

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