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How to pitch and position yourself as the 'must hire' for any role in Marketing and the Creative and Tech Industries


Do you struggle to ‘sell’ yourself when applying for jobs?

Are you trying to make a move in your career that seems impossible?

Do you struggle to understand the unique value that you can offer in a role?

If yes, then this course is for you. Knowing exactly how to pitch and position myself as the ‘must-hire’ for the role allowed me to secure interviews with Google, Apple, Facebook, Nike, Twitter and many others - even when I didn’t have the right experience for the role! 

Knowing how to pitch yourself allows you to make big moves in your career that would otherwise not be possible. This course is a MUST for anyone in our industry.

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Pitch and Position

  • Why pitching and positioning is crucial for your job hunt
  • How to break down your pitch and your positioning
  • How to bring them together to craft the perfect narrative of why you are the ‘must hire’ candidate
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Positioning yourself

  • How to take inspiration from our industry to establish your positioning
  • Unique Positioning Playbook - the EXACT steps you need to take to establish a unique positioning in the market
  • Real-life examples of successful positioning for real roles
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Structuring the Perfect Pitch

  • The best time to write your pitch and why
  • EXACTLY how to structure a winning pitch
  • Writing a winning pitch - a step-by-step guide
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Applying your Pitch

  • Pitching your CV
  • The Cover Letter Pitch
  • Intro and Outro Pitches
  • The Weaving Pitch
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"All I have to say is, the things you learn from Steph in this programme are things that NOBODY else will tell you. Steph has all the guidance you need to secure your dream job"


Ramsha Ali Sayood

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  • 4 hours of content
  • 4 actionable modules
  • How to craft your unique positioning as the ‘must-hire’ candidate
  • Real life examples of Unique Positioning
  • How to develop your pitch
  • Exactly how to apply your pitch to job applications and interviews

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